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evaluating policy and
environmental change interventions

About the Center TRT Evaluation Framework

The Center TRT Framework is laid out like a traditional logic model and includes inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes, with a focus on evaluating the specific stages of policy and environmental change, such as formulation, enactment, implementation and maintenance. Definitions of the elements of the framework can be seen by hovering over specific words. To access specific evaluation tools and resources for elements of the framework, visit the self-directed evaluation framework.

Center TRT Evaluation Framework

  healthEquity Inputs Problems Surveillance Data Mapped Data Audits, Surveys, Interviews Solutions Politics/Readiness Existing Policies Activities Formulation Enactment Implementation Activities Maintenance Modification Outputs Engagement Proposed & Enacted Plans & Policies Reach Adoption Implementation Maintenance/Sustanability outcomes shortTerm physicalEnvironmental peDietary pePhysicalActivity peBreastfeeding intermediate Behaviors Dietary Intake Physical Activity Screen Time Breastfeeding longTerm Population Health Status Cost